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AT&T, SBCGlobal email account setting on Android phone

AT&T wireless customer service phone

AT&T,  SBCGlobal  email account setting on Android phone

Hi friend this blog is related to sbcglobal  email account setting . how we set up his account on his
Android phone here are some step are given  in brief any problem related to his account you can contact sbcglobal customer service.

How to setup AT&T,  SBCGlobal are connected to AT&T / Yahoo email provider's email accounts

The mail server settings below can work with all of the subsequent AT&T domains:


For robot four.1 (Jelly Bean).

Follow the steps listed below to line up your personal email account.

If for any reason, your email account isn't listed here, otherwise you area unit having issues along with your email account, please contact your email supplier for help.

Adding associate Email Account

1. From the house screen bit Apps Image > Settings > below Accounts bit Add account

2. bit Email

3. choose different from the e-mail accounts screen.

4. Enter the username and secret.

If you're unsuccessful with fixing your account mechanically, bit different from the e-mail accounts, enter your email address and secret and bit Manual setup, and use the manual settings below:

  1. Email Manual Settings

  1. Server Type: POP3
  2. Enter your user name
  3. Enter your secret
  4. Enter POP3 server -
  5. Enter Port - 995
  6. Touch Next
  7. Enter SMTP server -
  8. Enter Port - 465
  9. Enter your user name
  10. Enter your password
  11. Touch Next
I hope this information is helpful for you to setting his account on his android phone any query or problem related to his account you can call on Sbcglobal customer support phone number:

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